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Cherokee d’ass, Biggest Booty in the Game!

Posted on: April 24, 2011


Before the porntubes like xvideos and spankwire, freaks (broke freaks) had to manage wanking and nutting within  2mins… It was a rule.

cherokee d'ass

This is why.. most porn clips online were trailers of 2 mins. My favourite was Assparade.com. Due to the shortlengths of such clips, there were a lot of myth amongst broke freaks about Cherokee d’ass big booty. Seeing it wiggle and bounce for less than a minute made fellows come up with all kinds of theories about her gigantic asset.. Some nerdy freaks even started rumours of how that booty came from outer space.

cherokee d'ass booty

Finally thanks to these tubes, even the brokest of freaks can have upto 30 mins alone time analyzing cherokee’s butt.. and this has gotten us to the conclusion that her ass is in fact real and is not from another planet. It is only the huggiest, phattest and biggest booty in the porn game.

pornstar cherokee d'ass

Cherokee D’Ass really has the biggest, phatest and baddest ass in the porn game and even Pinkyxxx co-signed to this sentiment.. 😉

cherokee d'ass

And girls, in our next post we’ll tell you how to work-out and what exactly to do to get a booty like that of cherokee d’ass… Till then fellow booty lovers, we have saved our planet’s booties once again (in my superhero voice) 🙂


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