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Big Booty Scarlet.. Huge Latina Culo

Posted on: April 17, 2011


This girl’s ass has got me speaking spanish.. Seriously. She is one of my few youtube discoveries and made me instantly fell in love. If only I had a couple of million dollars I would have made this latino culo queen an offer she wouldnt be able to resist back in 2006 when I first saw her video dancing on youtube…. shhhhh…. I heard she gotts hubby so lets keep my wish on the low key, I wouldnt want any latin gangs coming after me.


My scarlet discovery was one of the most enjoyable, long and surprisin booty fevers I’ve heard. At first I discovered the innocent looking latin babe shaking her goodies on youtube.. Then I bumped into her titties at UVPTV.com and Chocolatemodels.com

big booty scarlett

As the great old saying goes, good things come to those who wait… Almost 5 years after first coming accross big butt scarlett of scarlettsworld, I bumped into a video of scarletts pussy on xvideos.com True Fucking Story.. She even had a dildo she was playing with in many videos across the site.

scarlett's big butt

Since my recent exciting discovery, I have been keeping my fingers crossed looking and watching out and also anticipating to see Scarlett in a porn soon. Atleast we want to see you giving a blowjob and I’m sure lots of your fans would be excited. Look at how sex tapes made many models stars overnight.


So scarlett, I know you are reading this.. when will you do a porno already? You can drop your answer in the comments for your fans. BTW I think we should vote on this thing..



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