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Tahiry Jose | Sexy Video Vixen

Posted on: April 5, 2011

Tahiry is a sexy model with a huge booty that has been around the rap and hip hop game for quite a while now.

tahiry jose

Tahiry used to date rapper Joe Budden, he claims he made her famous, well, whatever happens to be the case, one thing I am sure of is, she is famous for making dis video of him. Yup! One time she even told her ex rapper to go jerk off coz “he ain’t gon get none of that”.


Well, I don’t wanna start speculating on Tahiry and Joe Budden’s break up. I don’t care who dumped who, one thing is for sure though, the Nigga will surely miss fucking with an ass like that on a cute face like hers. Her ass, booty whatever literally looks like a mountain 😉 Some mountain I would love to hike some day.


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