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JLo vs Luana (Brazilian Pornstar)

Posted on: February 9, 2011

I am really surprised that its not all over the Net since the brazilian Luana popped up. She is arguably and shockingly JLo’s pornstar look-alike both in body (especially booty) and facial features.

I have already compared these two stars before using similarities but didn’t really conclude on who I’d bang. I guess the whole thing is not complete if we end upwithout a clear winner.

luanaluana's ass

Well one seems a bit more nasty than the other and I don’t have an idea how tall Jlo or Luana is so I’ll leave height out.

luana pornstarluana butt

If we compare them based on looks and the goodies each star carries, then as far as I and my readers are concerned, the comparison is fair enough. Ok, Now time to find out the winner and have her Glow 😉 on this online modelling magazine.

jennifer lopezluana


Who’s is more beautiful amongst Jlo and Luana? We let the pictures decide, afterall they two stars look so much alike facially and body wise.. Chck it out and see for yourself.

Jlo hipsbrazilian pornstar

I think facially, Jennifer Lopez comes out a little ahead of Luana but we got to give Luana the sexy pornstar extra points for her super sexy eyes.

luana nude


brazilian bootyjlo


3 Responses to "JLo vs Luana (Brazilian Pornstar)"

oK… Just say the word & I’m flyin’ you to the States!! Decode&Holla Nola-Duece0Ate-UnoSevSexUno

Luana the best

luana for me has a more sensual face than jenifer luana is the best for me

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