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Brazilian Luana is Jlo’s (Jennifer Lopez) Pornstar look alike!

Posted on: December 6, 2010

I had to tweet the brazilian pornstar Luana asking her if anyone ever told her she looked so much like the music star jlo (Jennifer Lopez)…. Matter of fact, these two very sexy ladies have SOOOOO much in common.

jlo booty
brazilian pornstar luana











From the eyes, to the nose, to the mouth and down to their huge booties, Jlo and Luana have more than a lot in common. I know all Jlo fans, especially those that love her for her body and not for my music will definitely enjoy Brazilian beauty Luana’s clips…. or.. may be not!

Anyways, here is more evidence that these two booty beauties look so much alike!

brazilian luana

jennifer lopez ass












Now there you have it. I know by now you can really begin to see the resemblance.. If only Luana’s porn name is Jloxxx, people might actually think she is Jennifer Lopez!

Brazilian Pornstar Luana


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