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I’m not really a boobs fan, but yet again, the devil was once an angel. So I came across a pair that actually converted me from being a devoted ASS man to a booby freak!  I met Miss Kameisha a couple of months back and I was so amazed by full pairs that I asked to share these big and perfectly shaped joggers with my readers.

big boobs

To make an already perfect situation even better, Miss Kameisha tattoed a strange non-flower like shape right over her soft life-bags 😀

big breasts

I am working on getting Kameisha to answer a couple of sexy interview questions and snap a few hot pics specifically for you guys to see. Watch this space!


Rapper Joe Budden and Model Video Vixen Elke The Stallion were fighting and throwing tweets at each other just a few hours ago.  Apparently, back in the day Joe Budden flew Elke out for “who knows what”, whatever happened during the meeting, left one or both of them either disappointed or both 😦

Anyways, before I bore you again with how I wish I had flown Elke The Stallion out during the Myspace, here are some tweets from Joe Budden’s experience 😀

elke the stallion and joe budden twitter

elke the stallion

joe budden


video vixen

big booty model

elke booty

twitter fight

So now the million dollar question is, why TF would anyone say NO to that big booty.. Iono :p

Jats Models had the opportunity to interview yet another model. This time the sexy Mz V Bossalina gets 10 questions ranging from her modelling career, biography and some intimacy 😉

Below are the questions that we threw at her and how she answered. Enjoy

1. How long have you been in the modelling industry? Well, I have been modeling since the age of 7. I started out by doing runway modeling, but it really wasnt my thing, although I learned the model walk and somethings about the modeling industry. I really do not like most agencies because they do not treat you well, and its hard to find someone professional and who will let you shine the way you want to. So alot of stuff I’ve done is amateur modeling. I’ve also had past goals of becoming a fitness model and in Playboy. At this point in my life, I am mostly doing pin-up style modeling, as well as other themed shoots, and I do Burlesque as well. Something new for me, but definitely something I am interested in and am passionate about and I want to become an amazing performer! I have many goals with my modeling career. I wouldn’t mind being in King Magazine one day or a sexy/classy magazine. And I would like to train to get in shape to become a fitness model. I’d love to grace the covers of many magazines. But don’t expect to see me in Hustler! Haha. But anyways, I’m glad my dreams are finally coming true.


2. What got you into modelling?  I don’t remember what got me into modeling, really. I just know I’ve wanted to do it since I was a little girl. And it’s something I continue to strive at and improving myself at becoming the best. I don’t know anyone else that has more passion than I do for modeling. Even though its taken me several years to get to where I am, I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon! I’m just gonna continue to get better, and gain more experience and exposure, and show everyone the talent I have deep within! It’s time to shine!


3.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I see myself in several magazines and websites. Also performing with my Burlesque group nationwide and also become internationally known! I also want to work with different rap artists to be in music videos and photo shoots with them. Also help promote my rap artists using my connections and my exposure, as well as promoting myself at the same time. It’s definitely going to be a business venture that is going to BLOW UP and everyone will know who I am. There’s nothing fake about me. I’m as real and natural as they come! And people love that.

v bossalina

4. What part of your body gets the most attention from fans and photographers?  The part of me that gets the most attention and compliments would definitely have to be my eyes. Everyone loves them. They are big and blue and I have long pretty eyelashes and people always say they get lost in my eyes. I’ve also been told my hair, as well as my breasts, legs and my booty. I’ve pretty much got the total package. Personality and looks, to boot. And photographers are always able to catch all great aspects of me on camera.


5. Where can your fans see more of you? My fans can go check out my official modeling page on facebook at www.facebook.com/mzvbossalina. There will be some other sites I will be featured on soon, so they can look out for those links as well, and they can see all the big things happening in the future with me and my Burlesque group. Show your love and support and spread the word!


6. Your favorite food? I love all kinds of food, really. I enjoy good chinese food and mexican food. I love steak, hot wings (the hotter, the better!), fried shrimp, white rice, steamed vegetables, raspberries, and I really enjoy breakfast foods (eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, etc.). I love a good hamburger and french fries too. I also love ice cream, chocolate, gummies, and lollipops. I definitely have a sweet tooth! 🙂

Mz V Bossalina

Modeling pics of V bossalina

7. Places you want to visit? There’s soo many places I would love to visit, nationwide, and internationally. The number one place I’ve always wanted to go is Japan. I speak a lot of Japanese, and I think it would be an amazing place to go learn and explore. I also want to go to South Korea in hopes of seeing one of my favorite music groups Big Bang. I also want to go to Vegas, Kansas City, New York, England, Canada, Washington D.C., and many other places!


8. What turns you on in the opposite sex? There’s several things that turn me on about the opposite sex. But alot of it is on a person-by-person basis. Sometimes smile, hair, how they act, their personality, their interests, their hygeine definitely has to be good, has to be funny and open-minded, honest, sweet, and non-misleading…has to show genuine interest in me and affection..I love attention, too, so they definitely cannot be selfish at all. Good sense of humor and enjoy laughing and making me laugh. I love to have fun and be goofy, so the same is to be expected. 🙂


9. Favorite sex position? A lady never tells. 😉 Let’s just say I’m open-minded, definitely not shy, and I love to please. Both partners must be in sync and be willing to make eachother happy, no matter what. Use your imagination. 😀

10. If you weren’t into modelling, what else do you see yourself doing? If I wasn’t modeling, I would probably just be promoter (for rap music) like I already am, and also get into booking and learning that side of the music industry a lot more. I also would do music production and work on making a record label and make a name for myself that way. I also love management, so i would probably manage some artists as well and just learn every single aspect of the music industry today. Music is a big part of my life, and I would share that with the world! Either way, everyone is gonna know who I am! You can bet on that! 🙂


Jats Models interview with bootyful beauty, model Amber Rath.. I get to ask the pretty sexy vixen lots of questions both professional and personal 😉
Read-on and have fun! you can also follow her on twitter http://twitter.com/bootyfulbeauty
1. For how long have you been in the modelling business?  as far as modeling goes i havent quite developed the exerienced, impressive modeling career i am still intending on achieving but as i have overcome struggles with confidence and body image insecurities i am more eager than ever to continue getting my name out there. i had a keen interest in modeling and posing for the cameras since i can remember and with my unique racial mix and features many others supported my desire for the industry. but i have actively pursued modeling on and off for about 4 years now.
amber rath
2. What made you start modelling? being introduced to and signed to a talent agency in salt lake city, utah about 4 years ago is what pushed me to start taking advantage of modeling opportunities.
3. Any ups and downs in the biz? i would say the ups would obviously be enjoying the fast life, attention, and potential for celebrity stardom with all the benefits. the downs are pretty consistent with what you’d expect as far as the modeling industry being very critical and harsh as far as what they perceive as beauty or sexy. so coming in unwilling to accept no as an answer and trying to take advantage of every opportunity to prove sex appeal comes in all shapes and sizes is definitely challenging. also posing in suggestive photo or video shoots obviously ignites male attention and sexual advances but good and bad is all apart of the industry and its just about not letting it break you or compromise your dignity and morals. its about owning who you are and embracing flaws and all and showing the world what youve got to offer.
beautiful amber rath
4. Where do you see yourself in three years? i realize most professional models career doesnt last much longer than 25 but in 3 years i would like to be represented by Wilhelmina or Elite modeling agencies with a lucrative career already in progress.
5. What do you consider as your most important asset/body part? i am very curvy but not to be considered fat or skinny. i have a very small waist leading down to a pretty big butt lol. i work out hard to keep it tight, toned, lifted and of course my best asset.
6. Your favorite food.. my favorite food would probably be itaian. i am definitely a pasta girl.
7. Places you want to visit.. places i would love to visit are all considered fashion capitals of the world aside from Australia, Hawaii and Canada they are New York, Spain, Paris, Italy, and Japan
amber rath janine
8. Favorite sex position.. my favorite sex position? lol really? doggy style
9. In bed, whats more important? length or technique? length or technique? hands down technique is way more important
10. How would you like a man to approach you at the club or in the street? i would like a man to approach me genuinely and respectfully with suave, swag and charm
amber janine
11. Whats your biggest turn-on? my biggest turn on would be when a man kisses my neck gently but passionately. i am a big kisser, i love lips and i love to be kissed….everywhere
12. Do you get so much attention when you go out in public, and how do you react? i do get a lot of attention when i go out in public but not because i am a model i dont think because i am not that well known but ive always stood out i guess and am rather used to the daily advances and pick up lines. i am always flattered and remain humble and appreciate towards the attention so my response is always friendly whether i am rejecting them or giving them my number.

Sexiest Tattoos

I recently came across this twitter hottie with the sexiest set of tattoos I’ve ever seen… Pure homegrown sexiness because she is not even a model but her Twitter avatar keeps us wondering where the colorful flower tattoos actual end ;), how were they drawn, who drew them and 60 other questions I wont list on here…


Sexy tattoo


I really do find tattoos sexy and back in my university days, the only thing I needed to fail an exam was for a girl with a tattoo on her waist, just above her ass to sit in front of me and be giving me a sneak preview of the tattoo..  One time I unknowingly sketched the whole tattoo on my answer sheet just to realize that 5 minutes before submission.. #TrueStory

sexy tattoo


I am really keeping an eye to see other pics so I could completely study the whole pattern and the inspiration behind the tattoo… No, before you judge me, I am not stalking.. Its called due diligence when I do it, after all is for you guys because I will post my findings here 🙂

Really looking forward to showing off this beauty more on the blog.. follower on Twitter @dadashnami

Toolz booty

With all the social media hype behind the World’s #1 trending booty Ms Free of 106 park’s ass at the BET Awards night after party or more popularly know as #Freeass from the top Twitter trending topic of the night, Nigeria unintentionally did a re-enactment of the whole booty awards event hosting thing. With our own very answer to Ms Free, the endowed Ms Toolz or ToolzO from her twitter handle.

Toolz ass

I first noticed her bootylicious or as Nigerians like to say it “endowed” body from her Twitter avatar and I might have stalked her to Twitpic or one other picture sharing app.

ToolzO Ms endowed

Toolz is a radio presenter and surely one of Nigeria’s sexiest celebs… Its not easy to maintain such a body I’m sure both diet wise and dealing with peoples eyes everyday at work, on the streets and even on the Internet 🙂

Imagine this lady with some more body work out, she’ll blow all this American barbies and curvy celebs out the roof..

Free showed her sexiest side during the BET Awards after party.. Her gigantic ass was dressed in just the perfect booty hugging dress!

Ms Free's ass

Ms Free at a baseball game prior to her BET Awards night appearance.. Speaking of appearance, her booty appeared like it quadrupled in size..

This is another Free pre-BET awards ass.. then now the moment you’ve been waiting for>>>> *drum roll*

Whatever happened to the booty before the BET Awards is anyones guess 😉

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